Morgan County Partnership

“The Morgan County Partnership is an enthusiastic partner with the BlackCat Music Cooperative (BCMC), which seeks to engage music enrichment learning opportunities for the economically disadvantaged, at-risk children.

The Morgan County Partnership works with all sectors of the community to engage students in healthy activities, in order for them to make smart decisions and prevent them from abusing drugs and alcohol.  Therefore, we agree that increasing music educational opportunities for youth in our community is an asset and it can be a way to prevent young people getting involved in risk-taking behaviors.

Since working with their organization, we have enjoyed collaborating with them and look forward to continuing to participate in joint efforts with the BlackCat Music Cooperative to help assist them in their mission.  As partner, the Morgan County Partnership will assist in project activities, such as community and/or school based educational programs and promotions, as needed.

We believe that the more positive people there are involved in the lives of our young people, the better outcomes our community will have overall.”

Megan Hauser

Morgan County Partnership