Musical Summer for BCMC

BlackCat Music Cooperative enjoyed a summer filled with concerts, picnics and new faces. A new group for beginners called Young Yukes 2 is underway and doing well. We had a big picnic on our deck with students and family members and our Young Yukes performed at The Morgan County Expo, Paw Paw Community Block Party, Cacapon State Park Homecoming 2021 and performed twice at the Star Theatre. Lots of new songs and performances coming your way. Thanks for your continued support!

Stacy’s Adventures Continue

BlackCat Music Cooperative would like to announce that VISTA Member Stacy Drake is returning for his fourth year of service. Stacy received word from AmeriCorps that he has been accepted for another year of service helping BCMC empower our youth through music. Stacy would like to thank Janet Gauthier the Executive Director of BlackCat Music Cooperative, all the hard working instructors, student family members and most of all, the wonderful kids who make this journey such a important part of his life.


The Young Yukes performing “Tropical Paradise” a song they co-wrote with nationally known singer-songwriter Victoria Vox. It was part of four song concert perfomed at the Star Theatre in Berkeley Springs, WV on Saturday, June 12th prior to the showing of the Spongebob Squarepants movie. The theatre was hosting a Kids Day program featuring sidewalk chalk art, lots of games and a bubble machine! Hope you enjoy the video.