BlackCat Music Cooperative is currently expanding our programs list, so be sure to check back often to see the new and exciting things we have going on!

Our current programs are:

  • Morgan County (MC) After 3 Ukulele Club @ Warm Springs Middle School
  • After School Guitar Clubs @ Boys and Girls Club – Berkeley Springs Branch *coming October 2017*
  • MCP Positive Action involvement
“It’s time for a Positive Action” Music Preview!  
We just finished the music video for “Mr. Cable’s Cougar Creed”!  For your upcoming staff meeting on Monday, October 9th, Levi and I will be delivering the school ukuleles to play along with this music video for the Makin Music Monday vlogcasts.  BlackCat Music Cooperative will be coming to help us, giving a quick tutorial/music lesson.  At the meeting, our goals are:
* deliver ukes (and they are super cute too!) and review tuning strings (it’s easy, BlackCat got everyone a tuner)
* quick music review – illustrate three simple chords  (Janet will have a chord paper with words to help after our jam session)
* review the song together
* tips for uke use!  Teacher play along and student sharing
Please remember, we sure don’t expect that you become a uke player overnight (or at all)!  Just have fun jamming along with this music video, “air” ukulele works too, as the students learn the values.  (Shhhhhh…..I missed the majority of the chords!…but it looks like I can play…lol!)  This video will be available on the vlogcast to do the music for you.  As the year progresses, we will incorporate various outside community groups singing Mr. Cable’s Cougar Creed – including our Morgan County Board of Education at the WSIS meeting on Nov. 7th.
The Positive Action goal is that students will remember the school values, go home singing a little, and eventually not only our school community but that outside the school will catch on too!  Also, incorporating music to learn character ed is Developmental Asset # 17, Creative Activities, to raise student assets.” – Angie Hott, Positive Action