Warm Springs Intermediate School Ukuleles

Winter tried to work against us, but there was finally a break in the weather before it snowed this past week. On Friday, January 12th, we had the pleasure of delivering a class set of 28 ukuleles and 14 tuners to Warm Springs Intermediate School. Two large boxes and a small one contained all of the goodies the school would get.



The 150+ 4th grade class was told they were having a surprise concert and were told to report to the gymnasium at 1:00 p.m. Little did they know they were getting a class set of the trendiest instrument to play today! While there was a small concert by the Tri-State Ukelectics Orchestra, the main event was handing out the ukuleles and teaching just a few basics to the kids.


Music teacher Kathy Seager was so excited to finally get these ukuleles, and we were just as excited to give them to her. We were so glad when the weather finally cooperated with us. We’d like to thank her for the teaching she will be doing for these kids. Even though we got them 28 ukuleles, at least 150 this year will have learned at least a couple basics on ukulele. Here’s to the coming years for WSIS students!




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